…and I’m in Chicago

welcome to chicago
welcome to chicago

I’ve been in Chicago for about two days now.  My sister’s apartment is beautiful, exposed ceiling and everything.  It’s like we are little kids again playing house…because we have no furniture.  I have spent a lot of time sitting on the floor for the past two days.  I sleep on an air mattress that has to be re-inflated every night before I sleep.  I love it.

My sister “Tree” lives off of the 18th stop of the Pink Line.  Yes, it is a not so nice area, but on the bright side, I will brush up on my Spanish.  Today I was reminded what “muy bonita” meant as I walked back from the L train to the apartment.

Why was I dressed so lovely?  I went to the Idealist.org job and internship fair in hopes to find something worthy spending time on this summer.  It was on the second floor of Roosevelt University’s auditorium.  It was like any other job fair I have been at, except it seemed like everyone from every walk of life was there.  I was a bit out of luck, except for one organization where it was love at first sight.  Let’s just say it’s not far off from some of my past/current experience.  Job seekers in NY would be appalled if they saw some of the attendees in their dreads, jeans, and patched up messenger bags.  Ah – I love Chicago.  Also met a cute girl from Omaha, Nebraska who convinced me to apply for one of those teach-english-abroad programs.  It’s going on the To Do list.

I’ve been searching for a job, some little part time gig as cute-barista-girl or quirky-book-store-lady.  As I tippity-type, I have to the right of me three apps: waitress gig, art supply store, book store.  An “artistic” babysitting service specializing in “artistic babysitters” has expressed interest in me.  I also just emailed about a “mystery shopper” job.  I would normally freely name all these places – but it’s all about not wanting to jinx it just yet.

I have spent the past two afternoons sitting on my sister’s floor, eating various ethnic food, watching John and Kate plus 8 on her 11 inch television.  To say the least — it was  awesome.

I was reunited with the Thai Bowl on Taylor Street, which I was acquainted with for the first time during my trip to Chicago last summer.  My favorite item there is actually their Thai Iced Coffee.  They use rice milk — it’s delish.

Here is one great observation on differences between New York and Chicago.

In New York, the most interesting aspect about the subway are the people you come across.  Here is a wonderful moment I captured on the R train a month ago.

can you note the woman reading a children's book?
can you note the woman reading a children's book?

Whilst in Chicago, the L train is excitement in itself.  This is the 18th stop on the Pink Line.

end of new york 068

end of new york 070

end of new york 069

Far more exciting, eh?

Also found this beaut in a shop window on my walk back.

Please God, allow me to meet some one with hair just like this.

end of new york 071

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