Keep it cool

To make a long story short about last night – a cupcake saved my life. Involved were some cosmos, watching Tribeca people get down, seeing my supervisors let down their hair, sneaking into a basement after party, the 1 train, the phrases “See you tomorrow” “See you TONIGHT”, and playing my ipod at some 50-year-old-man bar somewhere around Canal Street.  A face to face encounter with me is necessary  to get full details.

One of my favorite websites now is Texts from Last Night .  There is nothing like the amusement you receive when you check through your text inbox on your phone the morning after a great (or terrible) night out.  This site allows you to share your best texts and see others.  Each text is organized by area code.  As I’m sitting in the library at school attempting to study for finals, I found these beauties.

(224): 😦 I’m sorry!!!
(847): sexual favors sorry?
(224): absolutely not

and this one:
(214): dude. I’m so drunk.
(972): pete, this is bryce’s mom
(214): I can’t wait to have my c*** in your a**
(972): pete, this is still bryce’s mom

slightly vulgar, yes, but worth sharing with the world.

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