Last night was the last time I work as DJ for WRHU’s “Airwave” .  Other than a few creepy phone calls, it was entertaining to go back and dig up some of my favorite songs from the past year. 

I highly recommend everything highlighted in orange. 

The Boy Least Likely To When Life Gives Me Lemons, I Make Lemonade
Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip Thou Shalt Always Kill
The Decemberists Valerie Plame
Fol Chen Winter, That’s All
Women Group Transparent Hall
Chester French C’Mon (On My Own)
Coconut Records Nighttiming
Mike Bones One Moment’s Peace
Royskopp Happy Up Here
The Kills Sour Cherry
Miniature Tigers Tell It To the Volcano
MGMT (Justice Remix) Electric Feel
Camera Obscura French Navy
Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band Anchors Dropped
Obits Two Headed Coin
Akron/Family River
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart Young Adult Friction
Harlem Shakes Strictly Game
The Thermals Now We Can See
The Mae Shi Run to Your Grave
Fever Ray When I Grow Up
Born Ruffians Hedonistic Me
Amanda Palmer Runs in the Family
Islands Creeper
Her Space Holiday This Truth Hurts So This Should be Painless
Lyke Li Dance Dance Dance
Hot Lava Blue Dragon
Crystal Castles Courtship Dating
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus
Calvin Harris Marry Making at My Place
Animal Collective Peacebone
Blue Giant Blue Sunshine

Today is my second to last day at Rubenstein Associates, Inc. Today I managed to watch last week’s The Office ,

find a sweet video

, and provide commentary about Star Trak signed Chester French and where they get their catchy yet sleezy and pretentious lyrics (hint Pharell started Star Trak) though Twitter.


Pat on the Back indeed.

2 thoughts on “Nighttiming

  1. Hey! I have to ask you to help me figure out what song I heard on WRHU! It is driving me insane! I’m sorry to leave an irrevelent comment but I have been searching far and wide and your blog is the closest I’ve come to finding a WRHU playlist or whatever.

    I heard it first a while ago, you were still doing the shows I’m pretty sure. The music sounds like old Elvis Presley or Chuck Berry or some other 50’s rock and roll, but the vocals are really, really distorted. So distorted I couldn’t make out any lyrics to search for. The guy kind of sounds like Conner Oberst and the vocal melody was like a modern song, but the music sounded old, old old. Please if you have any idea what song I’m talking about you gotta help me, I am out of clues!

    1. Were you listening during the Airwave time slot? For some reason i’m thinking it might be Strange Boys. Their album is “And Girls Club”. I’m guessing that in the future, it would be nice if playlists were made available after the show? Thanks for listening and while I’m not dj-ing more shows during the summer, stay tuned to WRHU 88.7 FM /

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