I’m excited…

Any Hofstra student read the Hofstra Chronicle this week?  PRestige Agency was featured as “Club Highlight” in the features section.  Yours truly was interviewed by the dashingly tall writer one Thursday afternoon for the article.  I’m described as “quirky and cool”.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Last night was PRSSA’s “Find Your Niche” event.  I took pictures and wrote about it.  Check it out on PRestige’s Blog.
A certain person – won’t say who – except their opinion matters – said I “have a provocative point of view”.
Not bad either.

Right now I’m sitting in the NYU dorm room of one of my fellow interns at Rubenstein.  The press screening I went to tonight, An Englishman in New York, got out mad early.  I was signed in by her roommate and typing on her Apple notebook as I wait about two hours for her to get home.  Worse fates have occurred.

Tomorrow is another day at the internship and then celebrations for my dear friend Steph’s birthday will ensue.  Dinner at Hane Sushi (utilizing their permanent 2 for 1 drink special)
hane sushi

and then off to Williamsburg to one of my favorite bars, Harefield Road.  They make a mean whiskey sour.
harefild rd

Today was one of my better days compared to the past few months – maybe it was how gorgeous the weather was, maybe because I have five more days of classes until the end of the school year, but probably because my speech for PR was wah wah wahhhhh – amusing to the point where I have to laugh at myself.

Tiel and I were enjoying the sunshine today on a lovely bench near Calkins Quad.  I was talking about how I was looking for an internship and a part time job in Chicago this summer.  Together we hatched up a plan about how I should create a video of myself describing my skills as the ultimate baby sitter, accompanied by our version of “Hero” rewritten to apply to the perfect baby sitter.  Oddly enough, it might be crazy enough to be a plausible idea.  What do you think?

In my head all day (probably because I have been playing it on repeat) is Turbo Fruit – a collaboration between some of the male members of the now defunct Be Your Own Pet.

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