I wipe my feelings off, make me untouchable for life…

Whenever I drive home to DE, I imagine myself going on an incline.  With its small hills and valleys, I feel as if Delaware is this vast cereal bowl, maybe with New York along the edge.  Every time I leave the edge (or cross the Verrazano Bridge) I make the descent to the bottom of the cereal bowl where I can collect myself.  (has this gone too deep for you?)
Then –  every time I have to return, it becomes this difficult struggle uphill (North) and the final call occurs on that godforsaken bridge.  This Monday past I was driving on the bridge with the Atlantic Ocean on my right and New York City on my left.  I considered turning around.  Then “Pyscho Killer” came on the radio and some neurological connection went off in my brain and here I am now – back at Hofstra.

I have a tendency to look too far forward into the future and continuously make new plans.  I forget to enjoy the present day and my mother has to send me a subliminal message to chill out.


It is now that time of the year where I (along with others) grow tired from having been in school for what feels like months on end.  Not that this year was terrible – it just wasn’t that great.  Too many people I’m connected with have died, the economy has caused me to stress out even MORE about the future, and I can’t afford new books to read.

I think in my head: – 2.5 weeks -and I’m done.  Off to Chicago where the people are friendlier, to a neighborhood that speaks primarily Spanish, a whole new adventure.  How is that not appealing?


Tonight I’m adding new music to the Airwave format for WRHU.

Be sure to listen in on wrhu.org for these declicious tidbits:

The Thermals Now We Can See

Pomegranates Everybody, Come Outside!

Peter Bjorn and John Living Thing

Felili The Moon

Telekinesis! Telekinesis!

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