summary of past week in journalistic style

  • n41203281_31410419_41470492Press for the TriBeca Film Fest is in full force.  Press releases are sent out on what feels like an every other day basis.  Reb says “I go home every day with a migraine from staring at a computer screen for hours on end.”  The image of a T-Rex on her desktop is “sometimes the only light inside the small dark cave called the intern room.”
  • clockIt is recommended to have regular sleeping patterns in order to maintain a stable life.  Reb, avid student and overall workaholic with ADD, averages between 4 or 5 hours a sleep a night, but at no fault of her own.  Just last night, a fire alarm was set off in her building due to the brilliance of one female Hofstra student who believed it was a great idea to straighten her hair at 2 am.
  • airwaveIn an attempt to connect her knowledge of social media and her stint as WRHU Airwave producer, Reb is following suit of two of her DJs and is maintaining a Twitter account for her show.  The username is WRHU_Airwave and followers can tweet in requests or other comments .  Reb has also created an Airwave Facebook group to increase listeners as well, labeled WRHU Airwave – Your Source for Indie and Experimental Music.   Last night proved difficult to tweet and reply to followers on account that Master Control died and she had to run back and forth between the studio and archive room.
  • dumpsterReb has also procrastinated applying for internships, due in part to the fact she must determine whether she will reside in Chicago or New York this summer.  Chicago provides affordable living expenses with intelligent older sister, part time jobs galore, valid internships, and a possible gig as an illustrator for a children’s book.  When thinking of the possibility of living in New York this summer, as a full time intern during a recession, Reb envisions herself eating bread from the dumpster behind Dunkin’ Donuts.  Anyone can see it is a difficult choice.

Isn’t it much more fun to NOT write in formal manner?  Even in journalistic style I can be witty.

I finally converted my blogspot to wordpress.  I need to toy with the design of the site but I feel I deserve a pat on the back for accomplishing a goal I had been thinking about since last fall.

I planned to learn how to use WordPress and general website design by forcing myself to take on an independent study this semester, where for credit I have to create a blog for Hofstra’s student-run agency PRestige.  I plan to have the official debute of that in roughly a week and a half.



One thought on “summary of past week in journalistic style

  1. “I go home every day with a migraine from staring at a computer screen for hours on end.” – That’s my life haha

    and go to Chicago!!! why not!? Plus yes, you will be starving and miserably broke here in NY. NY will always be here 🙂

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