apologies for tardiness

i didn’t even get a chance to tell you about my glorious Friday past!!!

During our lunch break, my friends Lise and Laurie (two lovely ladies I intern with at Rubenstein) and I decided to take an adventure into the unknown.

We went to Times Square.

We found an inflatable colon.

The ASGE ( American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) had a large, inflatable pink colon in Times Square until 3 pm last Friday. It was 8 ft tall and 20 feet in length. We approached with caution. We entered the colon…and was slightly disappointed. I was able to compare moderate colon cancer with severe colon cancer. We received blue rubber bracelets saying “Colorectal Cancer: Preventable. Treatable. Beatable!” I had the English version – Laurie and Lise both had it in Espanol.

We found a naked cowboy.

This was my first experience with the Naked Cowboy of Times Square — and was surprised about how friendly he was. Did YOU know that he has a website with merch? A kind, artistic looking fellow took pictures for us. Whoever you are artistic lad, thank you for the hilarious photos.

After work, Lise and I headed to the J. Cacciola Gallery on West 27th and were joined by Tiel, Steph, and Nick. An exhibition was opening called drawing/not drawing with works by Danielle Frankenthal, Hollis Heichemer, and Ron Kingswood. Friday nights are great on that stretch of avenue between 11th and 12th with all the exhibit openings you are sure to stumble upon. Some skeeves from LA happened to stumble upon my friend Steph and I, but we prevailed – no worries.

This was my favorite by Hollis Heichemer “Barefoot beachcomber” 22″ x 80-1/2″, Oil on Mylar on Board

Afterwards we moved to Brooklyn for my dear friend Anna’s birthday at Fette Sau, off of North 3rd and Metropolitan in Williamsburg. You walk through the door and are welcomed by a whiff of the most mouth watering barbecue (keep in mind I used to be vegetarian and it is still delicious to me). As cheesy as it sounds, spending a few hours there was the typical night you would hope for on a cold wintry Friday night – many friends (some I haven’t seen in months), beer flowing, a place that seems to avoid the pretentiousness that can come from being located in Williamsburg.

twas a glorious Friday night, and the reason I couldn’t share it sooner was due to my life as the typical overworked college student. Every week the same; nodding off in classes, waking up early to cram in extra studying, late nights at the laptop…and then we wake up and realize…..oh my god…..it’s Friday again.

(saturday I always wake up after only three hours of sleep and work a full day at LICM. reminds me of this song. again, for your listening pleasure: Amy McDonald’s “This Is The Life”.)

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