Look at me!

I’m currently in the computer lab in Calkins trying to force this guy who was in one of my drawing classes two years ago to look at me.

Another reason to love my recently created igoogle: the featured video today on Youtube was Fol Chen’s “Cable TV”. Just last night I added a few tracks from them into the Airwave format. (Listen tonight at 9 pm Eastern @ wrhu.org or 88.7FM in the New York area)

In today’s New York Times there is an article about Kindle, another electronic book reading tablet. As a traditionalist and avid book worm, it smarts when new technology replaces what I am used to – a physical old fashioned book in your hand. I can’t help but admit how cool the Kindle sounds though. The screen makes the pages appear authentic, and downloading books is cheaper than buying the hard copy (NY Times bestsellers around $10, older books between $3 and 6$). However, Pogue does make the point that traditional books could never be replaced: “you can’t pass on or sell an e-book after you’ve read it.” Yet again, as far as technology will take us and threaten the replacement of favorite pasttimes, traditionalists will always stick around – and you can never beat a classic.

oh yeah — i got a wave and a hi.

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