A Few of My Favorite Things #1

It’s a Monday night and I’m already flustered from this week.
In times of crisis I make a list of my favorite things. I’m also breaking one of my personal rules about not blogging about things that are not current.

Forgive me?

Last week my friend Sara Knee , an Airwave DJ and digital media extraordinaire, live Twittered while doing her slot for Airwave. It was a success, getting transcontinental requests, more followers for herself, and gaining more listeners for WRHU.org. I wonder if this is the possible answer of how to get people to start listening to Airwave again; bringing the concept of the college radio station together with today’s obsession with social media and all things internet.
BTW – my slot for Airwave is tomorrow night. Be sure to listen from 9-11 PM Eastern Time at WRHU.org. Let’s do an experiment: feel free to Tweet me with requests. Remember my_name_is_reb

I’ve come full circle where clothing I bought two years ago belong in the trash. I’ve come full circle – I am an adult (sort of) and cannot wear Target clothing forever. I have been searching for some new and interesting finds and here it is: Modcloth. They boast to carry “indie” and “vintage” clothing but at prices I could agree with.

Some Favorites:

Who knows who Poster Boy really is. The link is an interview with

Henry Matyjewicz, the man who was arrested for being Poster Boy. He claims he is one man in an movement…but who really knows the truth? Or wants to know? Isn’t mystery half the fun?

All I know is that I go for the artistic type and rebels without causes. I haven’t seen an actually peice of work in subways but I have seen where he has taken out parts of ads.

And finally, discoverd by myself on thesixtyone, Lady Danville, a Los Angeles based band that is absolutely precious with Michael, a 9th grade math teacher, Dan, a financial analyst and graduate student, and Matt, an actor. The song, Sophie Roux, I fell in love with at first listen.

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