and you’re you

I stopped by WRHU tonight to do my weekly charting and ran into Steve, who is now the sole DJ for “Ska Show” in Studio South. It prompted a conversation about the station itself and the fear of more news programs being included in the format and Airwave and other music shows facing extinction. There has also been much talk about how the “music kids” of the station feel like outcasts. My theory is that the “music kids” have nothing to collaborate on. The staff who work on Morning Show and Newsline work together to research, report, and deliver award-winning newscasts. The Sports Department works tirelessly to bring forth talented announcers. Through these projects, there is a camaraderie between all those staff members which “music kids” are lacking.

My hope is to propose (for a second time) a music news show dedicated to talking about today’s music and where the industry is leading. As producer of Airwave, I know it is a show worth being listened to. The difficult question is how you get college students to listen to radio again, period. The music industry is changing and the discussion over it has gotten old. Everyone knows the majority of today’s music is downloaded and music is listened to by peers’ suggestions and through word of mouth. The “word of mouth” tactic is much more effective than pushing something on audiences on a daily basis (i.e. Top 40). As much of a fan I am of digital media and the boundless opportunities with the Internet, I still want to have my two hours a week, wearing my headphones and playing music.

What is the answer?

Speaking of being thrown for a loop by the boundlessness of the Internet, The role of the librarian is changing for all you bookworms. Instead of simply shelving books, librarians are teaching school children how to do research and find correct information (via the Internet). They also teach children how to create Powerpoints and the like.

If a career such as that of a librarian can adjust to this ever evolving world of Web 2.0, will others?

Other exciting news – Neko Case was interviewed for this week’s T Magazine. I was only about a page through when I fell asleep last night, but I was pleased nonetheless for an indie artist to make it to a prominent publication.

Then I thought – is that what I want? To have “best kept secrets” shared with the rest of the world?

I was livid when Kanye West used the bit from Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger”.

There is that great feeling of discovery when finding some great new music/art/designer/restaurant/bar/website/athlete that makes one feel hesitant to share with anyone else.

Or should we think more along the lines of “good for you!” when new music/art/designer/restaurant/bar/website/athlete gets more recognition?

One thought on “and you’re you

  1. Don’t get mad at Kanye. Daft Punk steals their samples from other artists… So it doesnt even matter.

    some enlightenment

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