the opportunities are endless for all walks of life in Australia

Friday I had to go to an event for the Times Square Alliance. Gage/Celemenceau Architects presented a sculpture to Times Square, a “valentine”. Zales also sponsored a contest where five couples had to profess their love to one another. The couple who professed the best received a 2 carat diamond ring. Not bad. My job was to spot anyone with a camera who vaguely resembled some one from “the media”. Towards the end of last week, New York experienced turbulent winds and Friday was no exception. I was standing outside for about two hours, lost feeling in my baby toes, but oh how it warmed my heart so hearing all the poems and songs about love. In my head I couldn’t help thinking about how it was technically only the 13th.

The sculpture will be on display on Duffy Square until February 22.

What do you think of it’s beauty?

My friend Mike and I were discussing what boundless opportunities were before us if we graduated from college and DIDN’T find a job right away in NYC. One option was Australia. I like sunshine. This discussion prompted another about the third best band in the world – The Kinks.

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