I’m on standby

David Binkowski, SVP of Word of Mouth Marketing for MS & L Worldwide, spoke at Hofstra University’s Monroe lecture hall tonight as part of a special speaker event series. The event was organized by HAMA and PRSSA as a way to educate students about not only to acknowledge social media, but how to utilize it to further their careers.

For myself, every point that Binkowski made only validated what I have been wondering all week: “where am I actually going with all this?” I have been programed since birth to follow the right path: to be in these clubs, to read about this, to learn about this, basically following what others have recommended. As I was sitting at Rubenstein today, staring at the same master circulation list, it dawned on me: for the first time, there is no set path to follow. I have to carve out my own way, but somehow I can’t limit myself to following just one passion.

I felt I could relate to Binkowski when he said he enjoyed working and that there is great value in investing in yourself. Therefore, ladies and gentleman, solves the query I have had for years: that while I feel like my time in college isn’t spent doing typical “college activities”, the things I do invest my time and energy in will pay off in the end. As Binkowski said “everyone has 24 hours a day” and it’s up to the individual to use those 24 hours to their advantage.

I also appreciate the point he made that with all the good that social media does, it “can’t replace face-to-face”. The way I see it, I’m both the introvert and extrovert. I find myself in “thinking spells” and would rather absorb and observe. I’m shy initially when approaching people for the first time; I prefer sharing information with others by communicating through writing/print/online (however you would like to view it). The Midwestern Mentality I find in myself (must I always remind everyone my parents were born and raised in SD?) is overly friendly, outgoing, personable, kind, and would bend over backwards for people. There is a way to balance both and cover all forms of networking.

After much teasing, I no longer bring my terrible Staples-printed, business card monstrosities to networking events. I had to resort to writing my info on a piece of pink paper from my Lisa Frank notebook to give to Binkowski. An internship at MS & L this summer would be ideal; I need to be pushed to learn more and invest in learning more skill sets. Hopefully it all works out. Hopefully he doesn’t think less of me that my twitter username was written on a piece of pink paper. Binkowski said generation y has nothing to lose and therefore we can take more risks. I took the risk of coming off as a 12 year old girl.

2 thoughts on “I’m on standby

  1. Reb,
    It was great meeting you tonight and thanks for the kind words. We’d love to have you out for the intern challenge this Summer. And I thought the pink paper was a nice touch. 🙂


  2. Don't lose the Midwest sensibilities. The Midwest friendliness goes far in PR, it endears you to people and gets them to open up.

    As for business cards, check out Moo. It's hip enough for the social media crowd, so you can be in the cool kids circle. Just no, um, unicorns.

    Not sure what advice David gave – he's one of the few I respect in the industry – but I'm sure it was good, and you should listen. Don't limit yourself to just MS&L, though. There are a few good agencies in NY (or Chicago if you want to go Midwest again).

    Have fun, though. It's not life-and-death, it's just PR.

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