25 random and obscure things (because everyone else is doing it)

2009 as of far has been eventful – to say the least – and I rarely have time to catch a breath. Between being in Italy during the month of January, starting my internship at Rubenstein, fulfilling duties as Airwave Producer for WRHU, thinking of new ways to develop and promote PRestige Agency, being PR coordinator for FORM, drawing naked people every Tuesday and Thursday morning, working at LICM, and trying to get a life…….just looking at the laundry list frightens me so.

But I always somehow have time for Facebook and judging how popular I am based on wall posts. The trend as of now is to list 25 random things about yourself – frankly, I tried to do that last week and I couldn’t limit it to only 25.

Now is my chance to start blogging regularly again and maybe have people read this regularly as well and the only way to do it is to create a complete picture of myself with another LAUNDRY list of both important/unimportant and interesting/boring tidbits about myself.

1. I secretly love Prince, the movie Purple Rain, and the song Little Red Corvette
2. I’m self conscious about my smile, so I just make faces for every occasion
3. More than once I have gotten the impression that my male professors have crushes on me. Everyone in my CL 150 class last spring would agree with me.
4. Some people would go as far as say I’m interesting, while I really think I’m a big dork who loves Prince.
5. I hate living by myself. I like being around the company of others. The only time I like living alone is when I dance by myself in my room. Which happens sometimes. Very often. Nightly.
6. In all honesty, when people tell me I’m very good at something, there is a small part of me that thinks “yes, I know”
7. I always buy books but never get a chance to read them.
8. My goal in life is honestly just to live well and be happy.
9. People sometimes think when I’m quiet I have nothing to say. I actually have a long running inner dialogue with myself, often about the people around me, that I probably shouldn’t say.
10. I believe in falling in love at first sight. I usually invent a story about some one that I hope is true. Then I will actually talk to them and even if it doesn’t quite match up, I still believe in the story.
11. No matter how old I get, I still always feel and act like an awkward twelve year old girl. I confirm this often with everyday life.
12. I can’t say no to anyone. Ever. I would never want to cause some one unhappiness.
13. I have a phobia about people in full costume. When Kate & Willy are around, I have to look away and walk in the opposite direction.
14. I love James Dean and the idea of Sid Nancy. I know a guy who seems like a combination of both, but because of #11, I have little hope anything will happen.
15. I am finally old enough to admit that my parents are pretty amazing people and I wouldn’t change a thing about them.
16. I wish I could have studied a more scholarly field; actually, I just want any excuse to become a college professor and be the epitome of bookishness.
17. I always wanted to be a rock star. I think I have the attitude for it.
18. I decided there are two types of people in this world: people who are waitresses/waiters and people who bar tend. To wait on people shows great humility. To serve drinks at a bar as a female requires stubbornness and sass. Guess which group I think I belong in.
19. I am anxious for the day that I will date a guy who will teach me to love football.
20. I was so sad when my skull earring broke over Christmas. It felt like a part of me died.
21. I really want to go to Japan. and the Bronx zoo.
22. I need to have at least three pens with me at all times or I have a slight panic attack.
23. I am insanely good at typing. people have commented. and i thought “yes, i know”
24. I was dead set to convert to Judaism when I was fourteen.
25. I miss watching cartoons on Saturday mornings

I promise there is better to come…

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