success success

this week has been ridiculous. leaves little time for blogging. here are some bullet points.

  • spent late Tuesday night watching the uncut director’s version of Factory Girl on Youtube. (here is part 1) Much better than the original and was actually impressed with Sienna Miller. Originally tried to watch it on surfthechannel but twas much too slow.
  • thinking about a second minor in art history. this means rethinking the associates degree for HUHC, probably having to take six classes for at least one semester, maybe taking a summer course, and basically driving myself crazy. this is also on top of WRHU, LICM, internships, PREstige and PRSSA, FORM, and trying to maintain a shred of humanity. However, if I don’t do it, there is the almost definite possibility of regretting it for the rest of my life. When I imagine myself in the future, it’s not the high powered executive. It’s a culturally aware, interesting, intelligent person who maintains a satisfied and pleasant life. I look forward to the time when I can reclaim Sundays again – not having to work or do mass amounts of studying, but just read the paper in bed and drink coffee. An art history minor would open doors, leading me along a path I want to take for my career and life. I know it’s not practical, I really don’t want to be. This is the worst thing to happen right now – causing more worrying for an already constant worrier.

  • opened this week’s edition of The (Hofstra) Chronicle . In the features section is a full page article about Destination Runway by Liana Satenstein – including a quote from myself. Also, I know that the Media Alert I sent was used – all the information I provided about the charity was in it! It was a beautifully written article and seeing it actually boosted my spirits – to see that my work actually paid off was very reassuring. I go back and forth about whether I will help out again next year – but we shall see.
  • had a glorious food shopping experience yesterday. spent $8 at the Uniondale Supermarket and got lots of yummy protein filled vegetables.
  • took Jarvis Cocker album from WRHU – thoroughly enjoying it, I must say.
  • this is the last weekend in the city for me this semester – two friends are having birthdays and I plan to enjoy myself and try to not think of troubles.
  • Just realized in exactly one month I will be in Venice. GAHHHHHH

One thought on “success success

  1. its me again šŸ™‚

    I say go for the minor! You don’t want to do anything you think you may regret. And if I know you, you will rock all of it.

    And that is so cool about the media alert! Girl, you are going to be so successful, and happy while doing it.

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