i can’t keep quiet any longer

(positive note: I was searching for an image of an angry little girl after writing this rant of an entry and I discovered “Angry Little Girls” cartoons by Lela Lee.  Good does come out of ranting!)

Jim Cameron of Cameron Communications, Inc. spoke tonight at Hofstra in the Cultural Center theater to a bored, apathetic crowd of PR students.  I am embarrassed on how barely anyone answered questions nor gave input.  Cameron himself kept commenting about how he “was afraid for the next generation” and how we students “need to know what’s going on in America”.

Tonight just capped off another cycle of my love/hate relationship with PR.   Though I did thank Cameron afterwards for giving his time to us, the information he provided only reinforced what I already learned in Chapter 6 of my media relations textbook.  I must say it is not Cameron’s fault that I had a headache, it was the end of a long day, and earlier I had an awkward verbal discourse with a fellow PR student.
I don’t find PR courses difficult; courses in your major shouldn’t be if it is something you are meant to do.  It blows my mind how PR majors try to pass by with C’s in PR 100.  It blows my mind how there are 75 members of Hofstra’s Chapter of PRSSA and maybe 20 who are actively involved in committees.
All the basics of PR I learned from my mother: always put on an optimistic air, be aproachable and courteous, watch your grammar, follow up and call back right away, keep that hair out of your eyes.
By holding on to your true sense of self – that inner child that won’t go away – is what sets you apart from the masses.  Therefore, my true self is a middle child who feels they never get enough attention and constantly worries about what others think; a self-proclaimed creative nerd who would like everyone to be her best friend; who though she looks great in corporate wear rather wear the forbidden ripped band shirt and scraggly hair.  I have been genetically molded to be a PR person – always seeking attention, wanting to be in the know, hiding in order to keep up appearances.
I will be really pissed if after going through the painful experience of high school, having to enter another sort of popularity contest.
I might be incredibly delusional to “how the real world works” and I may get backlash for not wanting to join the official club of bubbly clueless pr girls who just want another sorority (there are males in the pr industry after all, let alone in our major).
I am tired of apathy overall, and the nasty competitive nature of the PR major at Hofstra.  To give some credit, it may just be a bad year.  However, I have to admit that I need reaffirmations that this is where I belong.
I also made a snarky comment to Jim Cameron during the lecture.  I am a terrible person.

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