the most interesting part of the weekend lasted 45 minutes

Before my train back to LI on Friday I was able to duck into the MOMA for a bit. I walked across two exhibitions: Looking at Music and Here is Every: Four Decades of Contemporary Art. Looking At Music looks back at the 1960’s and 70’s and the connection between music, art, media, and technology. In other words, a reason to show music videos of The Beatles and David Bowie.

Here is Every was an exhibition created out of the MOMA”s personal collection (i.e. economy is terrible = art and museums have to suffer for it). A majority of the works were obviously selected due to how groundbreaking it was when it first appeared. In other words…random. There was a video of a deer and a wolf together…chasing one another?…

I was interested in one work that consisted of hundreds of framed photographs of body parts – all body parts. It took forever to take this picture since many people could not help but stare.

I also get a kick out of how certain art is created in the intention to provide great meaning – yet is interpreted for practical uses. I speak of the girl using the mirror….for a mirror and the little girl that stood by a wooden sculpture and saw a playground.

I also love/hate my habit of taking Myspace inspired photos. Maybe it’s due to a need to expose my narcissism.

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