A girl’s needs just don’t agree

i literally woke up from a dream this morning about a buttered chocolate chip muffin. of course i satisfied my dream after French this morning. does this happen to other people?

my sad little LG of two years officially failed me yesterday. it only works when it’s charger is plugged in, therefore defeating the purpose of a cellular phone. though I have been planning on buying a blackberry, now is not the time – i need to save for Venice and money has been especially tight this semester. Also, I know nothing about cell phones and need any one’s recommendations. I have Verizon Wireless and have been happy with it, therefore the Iphone, Google phone, or Sidekick is not going to work out.

I usually get random friend requests on Facebook. As long as they go to my school and we have similar friends, I honestly see no harm. This morning I was “friended” by this grad student who has a little project called New York Twist Magazine – “dedicated to the lovers of multimedia art” (that’s me that’s me!) The Myspace itself didn’t say too much about the content of the magazine, but evidently issues are available around the area. When I pick up a new phone tomorrow at the Verizon Wireless store in Roosevelt, I’ll stop by FYE to pick up a copy.

There is a great article on the front page of the New York Times about how Obama is adapting to his new life as President-elect, from not being able to visit his bartender Zariff to having a date with Michelle at Chicago’s Spiaggia accompanied by 30 secret service agents. I can’t help but think of the comparisons to Kennedy when I read articles about Obama’s life. Idk if it will extend to the extreme voyeurism that most celebrities experience today.

I’m going in for another interview in the city with Joe Carozza of Rogers & Cowan, an alum of Hofstra. It’s odd – I looked at a picture of him and I recall seeing him around campus my freshmen year. Professor Frisina said to give him a hug for her – but he may be put off by that first impression, who knows. Hopefully today will go well (i.e. make the train on time and not have to pay for a taxi).

I’m going to try to run into the MOMA for their free Target night in order to see some van Gogh afterwards. can’t stay long – I need to get back to LI tonight to work at an event at LICM.

I found The Cribs’ Men’s Needs (Remixes) at WRHU, which has three different versions of “Men’s Needs”, which is awful since I will listen to those three versions in succession, constantly over and over again.

(just filled out survey about improvements on the Computer Labs at Hofstra. pat on the back for taking time out to do a good deed)

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