typical angst filled entry – please ignore if you take me seriously

If you ever see me wearing this outfit, it could mean one or all of these things:

  1. I had three hours of sleep the night before
  2. I had/have a french test that morning
  3. I am NOT in a good mood

Frankly, I have been procrastinating everything important this entire semester. The following is the typical cliche rant of all college students. Wah wah I have too much work blah I need to sleep wah I can never catch up meh I would be perfectly happy instead to live in a box and be a starving artist (maybe not so typical).

This is what my desk looks like after TWO days of classes:

It’s getting ridiculous. On the bright side, I was asked out on a date (kind of) online. Is this where social media/dating is going? As you can obviously tell from the evidence above, I don’t get out much – at least during the week.

Man, I always have great plans to write a ranting and raving entry, but then when I finally get home and get online, the effort is too much. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

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