like a monkey with it’s miniature cymbals

Friday morning was my big “wear corporate gear” day. It also made me realize that it’s the little things that matter when it comes to my love for New York. Friday morning at the School of Comm.’s internship fair I met these great people from DScribed Strategic Communication and Design . Both young and fun. Just their website alone makes them attention worthy. I drove to Mineola to try to catch the 12:03 train and had a living nightmare about no parking, an unreadable debit card, and three inch heels. I caught a later train, got in around 1:33, hailed my own cab for the first time, walked into Rubenstein Associates, Inc. and razzle dazzled HR rep Megan Wheeler. I felt I did well.
Went to Union Square to wait for Sara to get out Edelman Digital . I was looking at beautiful flowers and thinking about their existence in an otherwise gray environment when I heard Daft Punk floating through the air. Two dancers, one of which was evidently a yogi, were performing. Basically they spent about 20 minutes warming up to dance for five minutes, do a creepy spider crawling thing, and jump over eight children.

Went to Strand, bought books. Go figure.
Sara and I met Steph and Tiel at Aperture for the gallery opening for Luigi Ghirri’s “It’s Beautiful Here Isn’t It…”
( November 8, 2008– January 29, 2009) to have Julia aid us in drinking surprisingly potent wine.
Sara, Steph, and I then took the JMZ to Myrtle Ave for the smokiest loft party I have ever been to. Keep in mind – I am still wearing corporate wear (trust me, I regret it now). Met a cute Jarvis Cocker look alike from Oklahoma. Hopefully he wasn’t put off by my placing a business card in his pocket.
Passed out on the JMZ to Jamaica around 2 am.
Drove the girls home, slept well.
Saturday wouldn’t stop raining on my parade.

Worked all day today at the LICM’s “Friends Around the World” event. Pamela was dancing with Shake It!. Her camera died, so I tried taking pictures with my cell phone. Obviously not stellar.

Have been listening to Hot Chip’s “Over & Over”…..over and over again.

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