over and over and over again

yet again, one of those long days that can only be shared through bullet points. At least I look good in business casual…

  • PRestige meeting. Next semester I will have a new position focusing on Development and Publicity. The ideas in my head go on endlessly. Some possible clients for next semester are HTVi and the Hofstra Music Fest. I suggested that when searching for new members to fill the soon to be vacant positions of On-Campus Account Executive and VP, we ask them to submit resumes to better judge their overall work ethic and potential.
  • PRSSA meeting, wondering about whether to run for E-board next year. This will mean no internship in the fall. Will have to weigh out the odds.
  • Met with Frisina about creating a general Hofstra PR blog to work as an internal communication vehicle for the major as well as a way to “boast” to the world about the successes of Hofstra’s PR students. Frisina puts on the role of momma bear by asking if I can take on the workload. We think we can make it where I earn three independent student credits and maybe some Individually Negotiated Honors Option credits too. Hopefully so, time is winding down.
  • went to “From FACEBOOK to Face-to-Face:Ace Your Professional Style in a New York Minute!” networking dinner with speaker Trish Rubin – a woman who I officially want to make my best friend. My goodness. She was vivacious and passionate and definitely pulled off the “personal but professional” aura I want to perfect. Rubin opened with asking us in a year from now, “where do you want to be?”, and then plan backward from that. Rubin mostly discussed how to network and make first impressions. She gave great pointers, such as to put “good energy” out there and say good morning to everyone, including the doormen, new stand people, and construction worker. Another point she made that I live by is be a continuous learner. she also said above all, be not humble! Rubin also referenced Wawa oh how i miss that mid-atlantic convenience store with wonderful iced tea….Frankly, she was a fascinating, engaging person and I hope I will become that admirable in the future. I barely had the time to run to her. I basically blurted out “I’m the PR person – I came to see YOU!” and handed over my strangely geometric shaped business card. As creepy as it is, never before have I heard a speaker at Hofstra that I want to make my best friend. It shall happen — thanks to social networking ta DA!

I was originally planning to write about the brilliance of Obama’s campaign, but here are two articles (thanks PRSA email)about it. From PRWeek :Obama’s savvy comms propel him to victory. Advertising Age: How Obama Killed ‘Election Day’ and Became President.
Basically, everyone agrees that Obama’s campaign was smart enough to use the Internet and social networking to increase support. Kudos.

On Friday I have the first interview with Megan Wheeler of Rubenstein Associates, Inc. for the Tribeca Film Festival internship I have been looking forward to for a year. Next Monday – Interview with Joe Carozza of Rogers & Cowan. Frankly, just entering their website I heard birds singing. The Arts/Culture page is so beautifully written. I nearly teared up.

I don’t even want to think about the butterflies. According to Trish Rubin, I should listen to music before the interview in order to emit *SPARKS* , something equivalent to what “We are the Champions” was for the Mighty Ducks. How do I feel? Scared, nervous, excited, anxious to be uber impressive. Hopefully I can buy a pair of tights without holes before Friday…

Speaking of Tribeca Film Festival, I get this handy daily email filled with various “film” news from Tribeca Film. Today:
5 More Reasons to Love Paul Rudd. I’m trying to think of the first movie where I fell in love with him. Either Clueless or The Cider House Rules.

The lil sis Angela turned 18 today….AFTER the election. Poor baby sis.

One thought on “over and over and over again

  1. This was a great post 🙂

    I think the Hofstra Music Fest (not Festival…sorry thats like my baby and I just want to make sure people get the name right haha) could always use help. They are doing a lot of fundraising events and need a lot of support to make this event as big and well supported as it should be.

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