peter shankman speaks about "poking" and it’s west coast origins

In Breslin Hall in front of 4 PR classes, Peter Shankman begins in the typical way by sharing stories of his youth, delivering in a manner where he is rewarded with laughter. He first warns he is in a “crappy mood” since his MAC crashed. He advises to get rid of kegger photos from Facebook. His shirt is untucked. Social media is moving fast. Social media provides transparency, relevance, brevity.

One is always on camera. We are in a society that moves towards everyone being on video all the time- we always have been, we are not just aware of it.

We see corporate America as old white men – when you are old, you are set in your ways and you die. You get replaced. The boards are now being replaced by younger people: a generation who has seen companies disseminate, such as ENRON. Companies would get away with everything. Our generation says Screw that! “we will be transparent!”

Press releases are going to die. (knew that ) But the
ability to write will never go away. As PR practitioners we will be doing more writing than ever done before. info is now delivered in short micro bursts: blogs, facebook, twitter, stadium walls. 40 percent of news come from citizen journalists. How does it play in pr? It’s the future of communication. Shankman is of the “mtv“generation – attention as long as music videos. For mine, it’s a 140 characters.

Society takes mass events to appreciate new technologies. Twitter will be massive – a student was arrested abroad. He twittered “arrested” and 7 hours later it got to the State Department and was released.

Social media is the ability to screw up faster and to a larger audience than ever before.

Facebook is better than linkedin. One must be smart – no bong shots – one must be personal, yet professional. Facebook can be the first introduction to a new employer. It’s more than a resume – it shows a person’s personality and professionalism combined.

People like to feel special – not crappy. We like to make our friends feel our misery. We must treat our friends one level above crap – they will become fans.

Used well, pr is the ability to get other ppl to do your press for you: you are not telling story – you are getting other ppl to tell story for you. The ideal end result – you made $$$. You better help sell something. “Get one mom to tell 150 moms…that sells something.”

This is where it gets crazy

Shankman uses examples of facebook birthdays – you remember most the people who wished you a happy birthday. No one cares anymore – it’s always about me me me MEEEEE.
Going to networking events is “like watching a factory assembly line”. As a society we do not listen. Networking is not throwing business cards.
Shankman asks to see our business cards – forgot my cards at home —damns—
are u basically telling me to have a more unique card? i know that. i was thinking about drawing with a crayon on mine — childish or unique?
now Shankman is sharing a baboon story.
baboons and bananas.
i apologize – i missed the baboon story that somehow relates to corporate jobs.

People will remember a tactic if it has not been done that way before. Just because no one said you could do it, doesn’t mean you can’t. Shankman throws his business card at Micah Jesse – a poker chip with a picture of him skydiving.

Shankman made “It sank – get over it” t-shirts: He hated the movie “Titanic”. One Friday night – he sold 500 shirts in 6 hours. Next day he was called into USA today.
Two months, 250,000 t-shirts, 250 media outlets.

You don’t need a trillion dollars to start a company anymore. Don’t be afraid to show off – (not a problem for me). “When you get made fun of in junior high, you grow a thick skin and don’t care anymore” and never be afraid to have a new idea. We have a world where you can try anything that is different.

My generation will be “the one who takes it.” Shankman is jealous to be in our position.

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