say it aint so

Halloween weekend is officially over, and so far I have counted 27 beer bottle caps in my room.

I forgot today was Daylight Savings. I originally set my alarm for 9:45 am in order to get to the gym before work. Therefore, I woke up at 8:45 – yet was not upset, for I had another hour to sleep. I loving “FALLing back” an hour.

Now that it’s November it’s time to get serious. I have two networking dinners in the next week and a half, an internship fair, 5 agencies to email, and 60 or so business cards to print out. Every ounce of spare time is being used for catching up. My time management for classes has been lacking. However, after this semester I will be done distribution courses and everything I learn will be more meaningful.

Masked Avengers – comedy duo from Canada, evidently prank called Sarah Palin .

I ordered Chinese takeout for dinner tonight and my fortune is great.
“The joyful energy of the day will have a positive affect on you.”
Glorious way to start off the week.

I have been going through for the past hour and I found this Junior Boys video for “In the Morning”. Not only is it a throwback to two years ago, but when watching it, you can’t think help but think about what a great tutorial video it would be to drink responsibly. Don’t get trashed — you’ll pass out on street corners and sink into the sidewalk.

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