take a trip and multiply

This is leading to be the most glorious weekend ever. I have planned for weeks to go see my friends MR. HURT at Club Europa tonight, but it is also my friend Tiel’s birthday. We planned originally to go into the city around 3 to the MOMA and then get Japanese around St. Marks.


I get an email first from University Relations and then from Assistant Dean Susan Murphy from School of Comm. asking to interview me for WRHU’s “Studio South” today to talk about my art show! I’m going in about an hour to record the interview and then we are off. GAH so exciting. Talk about affirmations!

I should have known this day would have been glorious. It was all because I listened to Jamie Lidell’s “Multiply” as I fell asleep. I also had a wonderful nutritious midday snack of dark chocolate “autumn color” M & M’s and cereal that was a combo of Kaski Go Lean! and Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch with vanilla soy milk inside my Tomagotch bowl.

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