what do you want from me?

It’s been a while since I have had an entry. What with the debate, the art show, and midterms, I have had to keep priorities in check. Sadly, I realized that as much as I love writing ALL about myself and my fascinating life, I need to devote more attention and affection to academics.

The gallery reception went wonderfully on Sunday night. Thank you to the 30-odd friends who attended. Throughout the past few days people from every walk of life at Hofstra have come up to me saying what a great exhibit it is. I’m creating a slide show to share on this blog of pictures of my paintings and drawings. I was going to put it up earlier but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for those attending the gallery reception.

There have been many occurrences involving the debate, PRSSA, my job at the LICM, my friends, etc., that have made me think about fairness and debt and being given what you are owed. Margaret Atwood, one of my favorite authors, contributed to the Op-Ed of the New York Times about the “Matter of Life and Debt” today. She brilliantly discusses the economic crisis over debts and then applies it to life and how from an early age we have been concerned over fairness. We forget the “human factor” of being given what we are owed. We work with others in order to recieve a “mutual benefit”.

I’ve read before how the baby boom generation believes that in the work force, it is the amount of time you work at a company that entitles you to a promotion. Younger generations believe that by proving your work ethic and skills make you more deserving of a promotion. I was raised believing that the time AND dedication you give to something, the more rewards you will reap. That is why I have been frustrated as of late. Though random affirmations are great (the assistant dean Susan Murphy has been reading my entries on the PRestige blog. Professor Frisina said my entry about the debate was outstanding.), I have an innate feeling that others are receiving more favors and opportunities than I. It’s difficult though; evidently I have a habit of always wanting to do more – family and friends and professors alike tell me I shouldn’t worry so much.

It may just an affect of being at this point in college – the “what am I doing with my life” period. Compared with last year, PRSSA meetings have gained almost double the members. I’ve observed that many majors (mainly broadcasting, journalism, and marketing) have been trying to learn more about public relations because “it’s where the money is”. It is great for PRSSA, but it doesn’t decrease the pressure of having to compete with more students.

In separate conversations with my friend Sara, my committee member Lindsay, and Stacey from LICM, they have all said I’m impressive with all I have done and what I can do. Stacey especially stressed that all of this work and energy spent will be worth it in the end. It will take time though – but the best things are always worth waiting for.

Lately I have been receiving positive karma: tips from work, successful art show, positive feedback about the blogging.

It’s all about perspective I guess.

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