Debate ’08

This is how Reb dresses
business casual :
a stellar, Jackie-o like halter dress that is the envy of all the women in the Media Filing Center. Also got recognized by the gorgeous Secret Service Men…but that is simply an aside….this is what happened in the past 36 hours…

At the Long Island Children’s Museum yesterday, “Every Child Matters” was created as an event to let local and national leaders to remember the well being of children in politics. A press conference was held as well as a town hall meeting with a panel consisting of David Foulk, Dean of Education and Allied Human Services from Hofstra University and Dana Friedman, Moderator and Executive Director of The Early Years Institute among others. Activities were held for school children such as making “crazy election” hats and voting for their favorite gallery. Since summer school children throughout Long Island were asked to submit tracings of their hands, hoping to decorate the museum with about 1,000 pairs of hands. They received 3,000.

This room has been my home for three days : the prison-like, somewhat barren concession stand of the PFC. The piles of the New York Times and CNN on TV adds to the homeyness. The actual Media Filing Center is something to be impressed with; hundreds of rows of flat screen TVs and seats that will be filled be all important media for tonight’s debate.

In the Media Filing Center I answer phone calls from journalists all over the world and people asking if they can buy tickets for tonight’s debate. Occasionally there is the frantic phone call from a relations person screaming that they need to speak to so and so right away, CNN needs to do an interview. Occasionally we have had to take messages down for Obama and McCain that will never get to them. Yesterday I typed up the same fact sheet three times in order to print out fifty copies and then throw out to fix an error. I see Professor Geyer and Professor Frisina in action making phone calls and hurriedly typing out press releases. This morning I met Art Harris and tried to help him make it to the Student Center to take pictures of the “action” = Hofstra students. Technically, I got a business card from him, though it was just in order to call about where the van would pick him up.

There are two separate and confusing worlds on campus today. Near the PFC and the Arena is the air of many people waiting around aimlessly, excited but anxious. Fellow students I know carry themselves differently due to the badge around their neck and the business attire they have donned. A new security measure was created today – only a certain amount of Media Center overlay passes were created for those to actually be in the Media Filing Center during the debate. Samuel Rubenfeld of The Chronicle was not happy.

I left from my shift on two and walked onto campus, leaving the high security area. I found mayhem, with the air of a political Woodstock. Demonstrations were in the parking lots, in the Student Center, outside, everywhere and from every walks of life.

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