what a BUY

Greg and I went in to the city before the BODB launch party to Aperture Foundation and gallery in Chelsea. On display was Josef Koudelka’s Invasion 68: Prague. In short, it consisted of 250 moving photographs of the 1968 Soviet invasion of Prague. The photographs were smuggled out and until now were labeled anonymous.

Aperture also publishes great photography books. Here are a few on the wish list.

Erwin Olaf takes these beautiful and serene photographs that transport you to the 1950’s .

Thomas Allen’s Uncovered brings characters to life. The use of pop-up images from books creates a fun, toylike demeanor.

The BODB launch party was glorious – “critical party mass” according to Sara. Evidently I can sumbit an entry if I do please (which I do).
We left the party late & got stuck in Jamaica for over an hour. I got back to my dorm at 5:30, got three hours of sleep, went to work, came home only to more work.

Tomorrow is the first day as a Debate ’08 volunteer.
Prepare yourself with exciting political posts.

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