it’s been a while since I’ve worn a polo shirt

And so it begins.

The area closed off for the debate has the feeling of a movie set. Stages and displays are being set up, trucks are everywhere, and there is a Budweiser tent. Random people are walking around with credentials. The crews for all the networks were friendly, some of the suits not so much.

The Media Filing Center volunteers reported to Information and Hospitality room i.e. the concession stand of the PFC. At the desks busily working was Lindsey Calabrese and Ellen Frisina. Myself and the other volunteers began the day handing out hospitality bags to the media. Inside was filled with the typical swag, including r,w, and b m&m’s, and leaflets about Hofstra. Melissa and I stood outside from 10:30 until close to 1 giving out bags pretty to whoever had a badge and wanted them.

Bless her heart, Jacqueline Hlavenka of The (Hofstra) Chronicle was walking around in wedges trying to get pictures.

Saw Becca Bellush, President of PRSSA at Hofstra. She landed a big task – she is working in the Media Office at University Relations. While I was handing out bags from a cart, she was compiling Media Binders. That’s why rank and titles come in handy then.

It’s a fun atmosphere. The magical blue polo of the student volunteers unites us all for a common cause. The revered yellow polo of the IT guys we feel jealousy towards since they get to actually be in the Debate Hall.

Some of the volunteers were able to sneak in to see the Debate Hall. When it comes down to it, it’s a small stage with a bright blue backdrop, in a huge arena for 5,000 +.

One trife female reporter in a red satin trench (?) took about 4 and would go inside and back out to collect them. CNN complained that they received hospitality bags without these cheap portable laptop lights Verizon Wireless donated. Verizon gave us about 3,000 and we had 5,000 bags to fill. They made the girls comb through 30 bags so thier keyboards can be further illuminated despite the blaring overhead lights. It was a quiet day, so they actually let us leave early. I got a swag bag, a copy of today’s NYT and The New York Observer.

During lunch I grabbed my Secret Service Credentials. All the volunteers were grieving that they used our Student ID pic taken during our Freshmen Summer Orientation oh so long ago.

Tomorrow night should be more exciting since it is the night of.

The ironic thing about this week is that as we are missing classes and putting all hw aside…we have midterms in one week.

One thought on “it’s been a while since I’ve worn a polo shirt

  1. don’t you look like a political advisor…watch out for palin…she goes hunting in bikinis..
    and my recital is through gina, its the saturday after thanksgiving i think

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