this is what you get…

My friend Sara doesn’t believe how excited I am for the Buy Or Don’t Buy blog launch party tonight. They made a new layout, and oh, it’s pretty snazzy. Tonight will be the equivalent of meeting not-so-famous-celebrities-your-friends-never-heard-of, sorry guys. See you tonight.

Sara also gets brownie points for showing me another nifty music site. I thought Last FM was glorious, but the sixtyone: the music adventure brings music listening to a new level. Now music listening is an interactive game that sucks you in to compete with fellow music snobs.

You create an account and listen to music that artists upload onto the website. You earn points according to what you listen to and recommend to other users. The obvious trick is the more obscure and unknown the artists, the more points. I signed up this morning, so I’m just on the “listen up level”. You can browse music according to genre and even sub genre, which I definitely appreciate.

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