it’s "drink a whole carton of oj" season

Last night I became full aware of my incompetence at driving around aimlessly on Long Island. I was supposed to meet my Media Relations class at Newsday in Melville. I was lost for about two hours. I saw a corn maize, Walt Whitman’s birth place, and my life flash before my eyes as I drove the wrong way down a one way road. After a while and many tears of frustration later, I gave up, somehow ended up driving by Jones Beach and rolled the windows down to smell salt water. That familiar smell of home and blasting angry punk music from Last FM when I got back helped me get over the driving disaster.

I’m from DE, there is a reason why there is a joke that if somewhere is more than twenty minutes away, we choose to stay home.

edit: 10/10/08 – I am terrible at returning phone calls, so I have my family read my blog so they feel like they are a part of my life (sad, isnt’ it?). After reading this, my mom send an e-mail to me. Hopefully she won’t be too upset at me for showing off her loving motherness:


Imagine you might be getting a little crazy now with the debate upcoming. Wish I had the guts to experience it, but not sure I would want to be anywhere close to that campus these days. My great claim to fame was when I got to shake hands with Bobby Kennedy in Watertown, SD. Obviously that was before he was shot. Those were the days when the secret service weren’t quite so in your face.
Got a little bit … no a lot scared when I was looking at your blog about your driving around aimlessly in Long Island. Please, Please, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease be careful, responsible, etc. Someone has to help eat all that pie at Thanksgiving. I want you to make sure you have good maps if and when you head out. Why was it that you had to drive there anyway? Didn’t they go as a group? That car is old and it needs its rest.
Wanted to give you a call but decided to send an email instead. Don’t know if you are crazy with debate, classes, radio, clubs, socializing, studying or getting some rest. Take care, love you. Mom

Speaking of which, I guess I was last to jump on the Last FM bandwagon. The presence of it on my desktop has filled a void I never knew existed. Now everyone who wanders on the site can criticize me for my obscure and random music tastes.

This is the perfect example of bringing classiness to dorm life. Ever wondered how to pair fast food with wine? My friends and I are experts on take out and wine pairing.

Had PRestige and PRSSA meetings today. The client I want, Destination Runway, is scaring off people because of the upcoming deadline, November 4th. What we need to do as an agency is brianstorm creative ways for students in order to build excitement for the event. We shall see. I need to create a contract and meet with the e-board again and blah blah blah

Every day I think of my dream to drop out of school and become a bohemian artist who lives in a box on Bedford Ave.

Hofstra Association of Graphic Artists (HAGA) had thier opening show in the FORM Gallery in Calkins this morning. They display variious ways to use design in terms of merchandise. It’s interesting and a world I only know a little about. Check it out.

golly gee…i wonder what the next FORM show…could it be mine?

Oh, and guess what is coming?

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