I think it’s safe to say I will never look at Jell-o the same way again. Thank you Bedford House for giving me the experience last night of having jello sprayed on me due to my front row seat for one of the most ridiculous spectacles I’ve seen at any Hofstra party for a while.

I have to admit it: Jell-o wrestling + “Pride” colored jungle juice = a glorious time.

Yay college.

A random blog I stumbled upon this morning: “Marc and Angel Hack Life” lists 30 books everyone should read. The blog gives the author and plot of each book. The titles enlarged are ones I have read, the italicized are ones I actually own but haven’t gotten around to reading.

1. Siddhartha 2. 1984 3. To Kill a Mockingbird 4. A Clockwork Orange 5. For Whom the Bell Tolls 6. War and Peace 7. The Rights of Man 8. The Social Contract 9. One Hundred Years of Solitude 10. The Origin of Species 11. The Wisdom of the Desert 12. The Tipping Point 13. The Wind in the Willows 14. The Art of War 15. The Lord of the Rings 16. David Copperfield 17. Four Quartets 18. Catch-22 19. The Great Gatsby 20. The Catcher in the Rye 21. Crime and Punishment 22. The Prince 23. Walden 24. The Republic 25. Lolita 26. Getting Things Done 27. How To Win Friends and Influence People 28. Lord of the Flies 29. The Grapes of Wrath 30. The Master and Margarita

six books….wow that’s lame.

I’m working on this little number for Chinese Lit.

yes that is a toy wooden train.

I had to make mixes for evergreens yesterday for “Sidetrack” (little project Sara is putting together for WRHU)
and so I have two random cds if anyone wants one. Each evergreen had a theme, so one cd is “shuffle” with random but really good songs. The other is “shame”: if you feel a need to make me feel humiliated, def pick that one.

I’m forcing myself to run away to the city a few times this week before Debate ’08 takes over my life; hopefully there will be something more interesting to write about.
gasps : museums!!!

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