magician at my birthday party

The debate is back on. A recent update on the New York Times website says McCain is making his appearance after all. As much as McCain is making me detest him, I would have been disappointed if it was “The Obama Show” tonight. I like when stuffy politicians let their tempers flair. Maybe some one will point and yell. Sara introduced a great idea to make the actually watching of the debate a game. Use your imagination.

I thought this was beautiful too: The Prison Art Gallery. This gallery in Washington, D.C. showcases work by incarcerated prisoners, using everything from coffee beans and floor wax.

My agenda book given to me so generously by Hofstra is a pathetic nightmare of scribbles, lame attempts at notes, scrawled out lists, assignments written in cramped chicken scratch, and the schedule I need to make myself daily. I think I am a big girl now….and I should get a BlackBerry. Or the new Google Phone “G1”? Thoughts?

I am broken hearted that Junior Senior broke up. I remember vividly watching the video for “Move Your Feet” on MTV years ago. Today I still youtube it and dance around in my room in kneesocks, trying not to slip.

One more time, for old times sake.

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