off the record

yesterday : the negatives
i canceled yesterday morning’s lab with my physics professor (i’m taking the course as honors credit) because scheduled was the PRestige Agency meeting — which got canceled.

Also, yesterday, Hofstra University’s Center of Civic Engagement held Day of Dialogue IV : Facing the Future Together , with 19 different events and discussions about “the most pressing issues facing the nation, and the world”. Many great talks, very moving, interesting and such. I don’t want to go on and on about it, mostly because I wasn’t able to go to any. I had to figure out PRestige stuff with Lindsey.

The first PRSSA meeting was held during Common Hour yesterday as well and therefore was another reason for me to freak out wondering whether I could possible do more to further my pr future.

i made a list of my top priorities for this fall, and there are fourteen.

a positive

An idea came around that PRestige wanted to speak on WRHU about the agency and how we needed more clients. After finally chasing down the operations manager, John Mullen, he agreed that I could show up for the Morning Show on Friday to be interviewed. I sent out an e-mail to the staff and got a return from Professor Geyer saying I did a good job and to make sure we record it to place in my portfolio.

The plan for tonight is to make a prep sheet for myself and send questions to Chris Ortiz (running morning show).

Tomorrow morning, 8 am, you can hear me be interviewed on WRHU 88.7FM or stream it from How exciting.

i gave myself a pat on the back.

— And what the flip is going on with John McCain? Suspending your campaign? Seriously? Seriously! …Seriously? I will admit I am not the most political savvy lady out there, so I do need some one to explain to me what that means. If a potential future President can take a time out on his election campaign, why can’t everyone? ( didn’t he also play hookie with Dave Letterman?) Gawker was very helpful to inform me today about what will happen if McCain does not show. Obama is keeping promises and plans to be there. If McCain doesn’t show, John Lehrer will just interview Obama or have a townhall and such.

Thanks Gawker. For more giggles, read the “5 Reasons This Depression Really IS Going to be Fun!” Edit: I’m an idiot and just remembered how to include links. what a burn out I am.

Office premiere tonight. wicked.

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