"french is the language that turns dirt into romance" stephen king

last thursday – first airwave show for the fall at WRHU. was very very VERY rusty. played obnoxious electronica mostly. greg sat in for my last hour and we took cute mic breaks together. he played black sabbath for me during Aggressive Edge, the slot he dj’s for right after mine.

—- earlier that day Amy Goodman spoke as part of the Educate ’08 series. mind blowingly insightful about the role of media in today’s society

last friday – finished watching “Hero” in Chinese Literature. consumed 1/2 triple lindy burrito from Moe’s afterward, then played hostess that night

last saturdayHofstra’s homecoming. pamela and i got breakfast at 10 am, then wondered why we got up that early for a 1 pm game. we bitched and moaned until after half time and left. consumed other 1/2 of Moe’s burrito. wandered about that night looking for a place to socialize. got to drive a bmw home.

past sunday – work, burrito from Chipotle. was not productive. asleep by 9:30pm. madmen was a repeat

yesterday (monday) – became deathly ill overnight. tylenol allergy medication + kleenex + 1.5 cartons of minute maid orange juice. watched gossip girl, finally got interested after 1.5 seasons

today – feeling better. proceeded with classes. it’s 11:27 pm and i still haven’t read the paper.

i wish i had something exciting to share, but currently my attention is focused entirely on french notecards.

i had an urge to listen to Rilo Kiley’s “Always” from Take-Offs and Landings and could NOT find it on youtube, nor with any google search. i’ve procrastinated enough from studying for french so i must abandon my search. if some one is feeling generous….

i should have office hours. professors and RA’s alike are required to have them; I should be required to get them. Just my reading routine repeated periodically throughout the day (order of importance and most likelihood to actually be read) includes:
ny times (online, sometimes physical paper)
google reader (includes twitter search of jack cafferty and rick sanchez, jack cafferty’s blog, gawker, and random art blog)
this blog
links on this blog
search for new and interesting sites
look up areas of interest

i feel i forget the big picture. or sometimes show signs that i am not entirely sure what place i am at nor what age i am. in one day, i will talk about meetings, clients, research, and reading up on the news, and do all that while eating 5 chocolate chip poptarts and dreaming about my sailor moon halloween costume

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