comment appeliz vous?

friday i woke up too tired to care about hygiene. it was a band t-shirt day minus washed hair plus crankiness. still, the entire ensemble encouraged more people to say hi to me. my grandmother like sunglasses probably attract too much attention. the exciting portions of my french class consisted of seeing the line “qu’est ceque ces” on the board (from the chorus of psycho killer by the talking heads) and experiencing first hand the fun of french pronunciation and the toll it takes on your facial muscles.

saturday morning started better – contrary to the fact i had another late night i found the ability to get all spiffified for the first Debate ’08 training session at ten. while doing the exact opposite of what i was supposed to be doing (listening) i was flipping through the wonderful “this is hofstra” publication orginally intended to inform all about our glorious university (it’s 12 pages long). the most savory piece of information was the distinguished alumni list which included Lou Berger, head writer of Sesame Street from the class of ’72 and Francis Ford Coppola, who is just the Oscar winning director of one of my favorite movies THE GODFATHER (gahhh!) from ’60. My Hofstra pride increased steadily.

Due to certain social circumstances, I went to White Castle for the first time ever today. I wish I had the excuse that I had some odd check list of random fast food joints to visit. Sadly, I don’t. I just wanted to fulfill the wish the fellow from California I met last night.

Sara, always the informer, sent me this beauty:
Evidently indie kids have low self esteem despite the presence of their pretentiousness.
i knew it all along.

sunday times today was not interesting.
i ate amazing sushi in long beach.
and i wish i didn’t miss mad men last week
i also bought stegosaurus bookends — all voids in my life are filled.

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