like a caged animal i is

during the lazy days of summer, where the sun through your windows is your alarm clock, it’s hard to not wish for the eventful structured days of the new york and the academic year. how silly i was to be sitting in a t shirt and shorts eating cereal in front of my kitchen tv and long for the days on campus when i felt like somebody. how silly indeed.

as of now the only thing i have learned since coming back to Hofstra is that is is impossible to read about media relations and public relations research while listening to girl talk’s feed the animals.

the kick off class for media relations consisted of professor bloom sparking a heated discussion about the train wreck spears. it’s subjects such as spears and tabloids that are of popular discussion amongst pr majors at hofstra that make me question whether i’m in the right major. my friends, who range from film and art majors to poli sci and anthro, question why i’m in pr. despite the obvious dreams of working in the pretentious but amazing world of art, my only answer is that pr is something i feel i could be sickenly good at, as overly confident as that sounds. it’s too late in the game to change majors now. the only hope is to score the internships i dream about in my sleep (because i am that dedicated). also the prospect of grad school is becoming a major consideration of mine. we shall see.

other areas of interest this week include the Rage Against the Machine incident at the RNC. They were scheduled to play, but because of their tendency to have violent audiences (like every one of my favorite live performances in the past few years) they were prevented from doing so. what transpired was an impromptu acapella performance involving hand clapping and a bullhorn.

also, my friend sara showed me the blog she and her friends created: Buy Or Don’t Buy

it’s perfect for when the cynical mood strikes….when doesn’t a cynical mood strike anyway?

plans for next week – first PRestige agency meeting and first FORM meeting. also training at LICM

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