good golly miss molly

i have had a fondness for reading andy warhol biographies for the past year. i have this weird fascination with his celebrity and how his lifestyle progressed into it’s own kind of art form. in the past year i have always had a little shock whenever i saw an original at the moma or met.

lo and behold, while checking my e-mail…i come across this lil headline :

Hofstra University Museum Receives Unprecedented Gift of Andy Warhol Art

oh yes, IT IS TRUE

Today’s press release from University Relations says the Hofstra University Museum received “an unprecedented gift of Andy Warhol art from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. The gift, made through the Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program is in honor of the foundation’s 20th anniversary. The Museum will take ownership of its gift of 103 Polacolor prints and 50 Black and White Gelatin Silver Prints valued at $150,300 at the beginning of July. The Hofstra University Museum is one of 183 college and university art museums that will receive some of the 28,543 original Warhol photographs valued in excess of $28 million. Each institution is slated to receive approximately 150 original Polaroid photographs and gelatin silver prints selected by Jenny Moore, curator of the Photographic Legacy Program.”

here’s the link for the entire press release from the Hofstra University website

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